Track your vehicles, assets and personnel in real time 24/7

Keep an eye out for your fleet by tracking their location and behaviour in real-time. Increase staff productivity and security of your vehicles with BruGPS anti-theft and tracking management solutions.


your fleet




driver safety

Generate reports and analyse your data

Have the ability to generate standard or customized reports in order to utilise and optimise the usage of your fleet. Playback and inspect trip history to spot driver behaviour trends and uncover hidden costs while revealing potential for greater productivity and efficiency.

Application development

Customised mobile app development and API integration

We provide integration of back to back applications and API that run fast in popular operating systems including Apple iOS and Google Android. Gain a full 360 view of your fleet's daily operations with our flexible tracking platform. Dispatch more efficiently, improve customer service and reduce time spent calling drivers for updates.

Our Trusted Clients

"First of all, I would like to thank BruGPS and their team for their great service provided for the past 10 years. BruGPS has been excellent in not only following the guidelines for vehicle tracking but as well as upgrading their technology to provide us with a better user-friendly and convenient platform. Thanks to their service, we can minimize unnecessary overtime with real-time tracking, up-to-date maps, monitor our vehicle’s wear and tear, reduce fuel usage and idling time. Their detailed vehicle reports have been so helpful in reducing our company’s costs such as fuel, maintenance, the responsibility of managing individual drivers and any unnecessary downtime on drivers in general. I would highly recommend BruGPS tracking system due to their excellent service and customer care. Thank you for supporting us throughout the years. We are looking forward to your service for the years to come."
- Archipelago’s Supervisor and Safety Officer

Our COVID-19 Measures

To ease the spread of COVID-19 in Brunei, BruGPS is making an effort to ensure the safety of our staff and clients, by practicing appropriate counter-measures such as social-distancing, mask-wearing and other SOP in Brunei.

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