Industries we serve

Construction - heavy vehicles

Construction & Heavy Equipment

Reduce idle or underutilized crews and machines that cost you money. Have the ability to control the usage of your machinery and heavy equipment at your fingertips. With the data provided, you can capture work hours automatically and avoid invalid overtime claims from operators.
Transport & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

Help maintain compliance, help monitor and coach your drivers’ behaviours, and track fuel costs and idling. All this to reduce expenses, improve fuel efficiency and help secure valuable assets.
Oil & gas

Oil & Gas

Maintaining productive and safe operations of the field service fleets that supported the oil and gas industry can be challenging. BruGPS is a BSP approved GPS tracking vendor which enables you to utilise your assets and monitor productivity. Our fleet management software also helps you protect your investment from potential for misuse, abuse or outright theft.

Utilities & Waste Management

Quickly respond and coordinate your fleet with near real-time vehicle tracking and dispatching. Improve fleet maintenance of vehicles to help prevent costly downtime. We eliminate inefficient paperwork and make it easy to convert hard copy forms to electronic versions, so your information is always portable and instantly sharable.

Roadside Assistance

Quick responses to emergencies are crucial for roadside assistance to have. With our system and integrated API, we can provide our clients with an application to manage your dispatch remotely and avoid downtime by minimizing paperwork/timesheets. Monitor the security of your fleet and guarantee clients’ customer's safety and security.

Our Trusted Clients

"First of all, I would like to thank BruGPS and their team for their great service provided for the past 10 years. BruGPS has been excellent in not only following the guidelines for vehicle tracking but as well as upgrading their technology to provide us with a better user-friendly and convenient platform. Thanks to their service, we can minimize unnecessary overtime with real-time tracking, up-to-date maps, monitor our vehicle’s wear and tear, reduce fuel usage and idling time. Their detailed vehicle reports have been so helpful in reducing our company’s costs such as fuel, maintenance, the responsibility of managing individual drivers and any unnecessary downtime on drivers in general. I would highly recommend BruGPS tracking system due to their excellent service and customer care. Thank you for supporting us throughout the years. We are looking forward to your service for the years to come."
- Archipelago’s Supervisor and Safety Officer

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